Saturday, March 15, 2014

Penang foodhunt; Kedai Kopi & Makanan Taman Emas

Our second stop on our first day in Penang, Taman Emas kopitiam :)

The laksa stall here is very famous and is said to be good, so we had to try! :)

Besides assam laksa, they serve kuihs too... 

These are good to munch on while waiting for your order :)
Popiah (spring rolls)

Kuih talam

Chai koay

The aunty busy preparing our assam laksa :)

Doesn't that look soooo good? 


The assam laksa here is good! Definitely worth trying :)
Some of my friends preferred this, while others (like myself) prefer the air itam's assam laksa (will blog on that soon)
So, I would say it depends on your personal taste? 
But both are good nevertheless. 

Besides that, we also ordered the char kuey teow cos it looks sooo good!

 This was superb!
It was really special as they added chinese sausages (lap cheong), cockles (si ham) and some deep fried prawns. Definitely a change form the usual char kuey teow elsewhere. 

Kedai Kopi & Makanan Taman Emas
(opposite Penang Chinese Girls High School)
Jalan Gottlieb,
10350 George Town,
Opening Hours (Coffee shop): Morning till evening
Opening Hours (Laksa Stall): 2pm till 5pm
Closing day: Monday

More and more Penang food coming up!

Penang foodhunt; Seng Lee, Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng (曼谷巷印度炒面)

So Ipoh wasn't enough, we had to visit Penang for round 2 of foodhunt! :D

First stop, we went to Seng Lee Cafe for the famous mamak mee goreng!

The famous Bangkok Lane mee goreng :)

 This was SO SPICY and soooo good!
Some of my friends couldn't handle it cos it was way too spicy, but I personally love spicy food and I definitely enjoyed it! 
Worth the tryyyy!
It's quite different as it was really spicy and they even added squids and veggies to it, love the combination! :)

Look at the squiddddd, yums!

There was a stall selling rojak too, so we ordered a plate to try.
The guy was really friendly :)

I would say this is not bad. 
Tastes good, but I've had better :)

Even though two of the stalls were indian/mamak stalls, Seng Lee had this huge poster of it's hokkien mee too, so we gave it a try...

It was called the 'Hokkien Mee master'

Oh and bear in mind that hokkien mee in Penang is actually KL's har mee. 

Uncle(the master?) preparing our hokkien mee :)

This stalls seems to be quite famous.

 This was good, but we've been told that there's better ones. 

Seng Lee, Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng (曼谷巷印度炒面)
270, Jalan Burma,
10350 Georgetown,

That's all for our first stop, more Penang food coming up!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ipoh foodhunt; Sun Yuen Loong coffeeshop

2 Ipoh white coffee and one black coffee (Kopi O)

They have kaya toast too, but we were too full to try. 

I really like the old coffee shop feel to it :)

Sun Yuen Loong
Persiaran Bijeh Timah, 
30000 Ipoh, 

That's the end of our Ipoh foodhunt!

Next round, Penang foodhunt!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ipoh foodhunt; Hong Kee Mah Chee, Pasir Pinji

Not many people might know of this stall, but according to the locals here, you must try their fah shang woo!

Hong Kee Mah Chee Stall

It's a small stall located outside a house selling homemade fah shang woo and mah chee.

 Fah Shang Woo; RM2
LOVED THIS! It wasn't too thick or too diluted, just nice for my liking. 

 Mah Chee; RM2
This has always been my favourite, enjoyed this too... 

Mah chee dipped in fah shang woo tastes sooooo good!  
First time eating mah chee this way, and wow, the combination is so good!

A whole pot of Fah Shang Woo

Look at all that delicious Fah Shang Woo :D

One of my favourite of all our foodhunts in Ipoh, 
I personally prefer homemade food and desserts like this. 
Definitely MUST TRY in Ipoh!

Hong Kee Mah Chee Stall
550A, Jalan Queen,
Pasir Pinji, 31050 Ipoh.
Opening hours: 1.00pm – 6.00pm daily.
*Closed on Thursdays.