Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Potato waffles at VCR, Bukit Bintang

Waffles are kinda trending among cafes right now, 
and with so many cafes serving waffles, how do you even pick which cafe to go to? 

Unless you can afford to go try all of them, at which I certainly don't have the cash for. (Must save money to buy clothes!)
and the fact that I have my own waffle maker at home, makes me extra particular to spend money ONLY on good waffles. 
We're talking high standards here ;) 

When I visited VCR and tried their potato waffles, I found it. Definitely worth the price. 

Potato waffles, RM22 
Potato waffles, topped with poached eggs, mushrooms, herbs and a tomato fondue.
This was deliciously savoury. But I do recommend that you share this with a friend (if you don't have a big appetite). This was a generous portion, even for two hungry girls on a Saturday morning. 
A portion big enough for two girls, RM22 is quite reasonable. 
I really love these waffles. The mushrooms and everything else put together was a perfect combination :)

The environment and the vibe was really cool too. Nice place to chill and get your work done :)
Should've taken more photos, but I was 'busy' chilling and enjoying my time there, oops. 

Didn't try the coffee either, but I'd definitely go again for another visit. 
I do wanna try their breakfast set too. 

8:30 am – 11:00 pm
2, Jalan Galloway, 
Bukit Bintang, 
50150 Kuala Lumpur


Basil Pasta House, Kuchai Lama

Since my last post was about cheap, low budget pasta. 
Now let's increase your budget to a reasonable price for a superb plate of pasta. 
Basil Pasta House. 

Heck, hearing the name Basil Pasta House itself tempts me to pay a visit, and with a few friends' recommendations, I had to pay a visit!
PS. I love love love basil! ;) 

Located at Kuchai Lama, it was quite easy to find the place with the help of Waze :)
We heard that it can get really crowded during peak hours, so we went slightly earlier.

Loving the interior design and the vibe here :)

I almost always feel the need to try mushroom soups in different restaurants, so I had to order this time. 

Wild mushroom soup, RM6.90
Trio of button, shiitake & oyster mushroom, cream and truffle oil. 
A deliciously savoury soup.
The presentation was surprising too. They served it in a unique plate, instead of the usual bowls. 

They had a wide variety of pasta dishes on their menu, and all the prices were reasonably good. 
They even allow you to choose your preffered type of pasta too :)

Usually, I would get pesto, cos you can never go wrong with pesto, and it is my all time favourite. 
But I decided to try something new this time :)
No regrets!

Bucatini & Crispy Squid Chinese Golden 'Mac and cheese', RM16.90
Hole center pasta sautéed with a golden egg yolk sauce, evaporated milk, curry leaf, chilli flakes and  topped with deep-fried squid rings.
Doesn't this look so good? I ordered this, and I have no regrets, just satisfaction. 

The egg yolk sauce was so good, this pasta reminds me of the typical chinese salted egg dishes. If you love salted egg, YOU MUST TRY THIS.
This was a really good fusion pasta, but I'd probably choose a different type of pasta next time. Not a big fan of Bucatini...
But I am a big fan of this egg yolk sauce! Yums.

Spaghetti Madras Curry and Crispy Pork Chop, RM18.90
Spaghetti sautéed with field mushroom ragù, served with deep-fried 6" golden-fried pork fillet and sesame-wasabi dressing.
My friend ordered this, and honestly, this was just an average for me. 
I enjoyed the curry taste, but it was just mediocre for me. 
Nothing really special here besides the touch of curry, but if you're new to fusion pastas and not feeling too adventurous, this might be a good choice.

Aglio Olio e Peperoncino, RM8.90 with an add-on grilled chicken, RM4.90
Olive oil, basil, garlic, chilli flakes, Parmesan cheese and cherry tomatoes.

A simple aglio olio with a nice touch :) Can't go wrong with a simple aglio olio. 
Angel hair pasta for an aglio olio would've been a better choice. 

Overall the pastas were good, and their service was spectacular. Really good customer service. They really care about their customers and they do put an extra effort to satisfy your preferences :)

Good service and reasonable prices. I'd come back here again for sure! 

Basil Pasta House
21 Jalan Kuchai Maju 6,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur

Monday, February 9, 2015

Little Fat Duck, One Utama

At the end of the month when you've spent most of your allowance and it's time to cut back and budget, you'll be glad to find the Little Fat Duck ;) 

Little Fat Duck started off as a food truck in SS15, and now they've opened a kiosk in One Utama.

Located at the lower ground along with many other food kiosk, you'll find the Little Fat Duck.

From the left; Chicken mushroom mornay (RM5), Mashed potatoes (RM3), Creamy fish pesto (RM5)

I had the creamy fish pesto, and honestly it tasted more like creamy fish pasta rather than pesto. It was green, but I couldn't taste any basil. 
I really love pesto, and I love basil. So a hint of that would've been good. 
But I guess I cant expect much if I'm paying only RM5. 
Basil IS expensive anyways. (Unless you grow your own herbs)

Overall, it's not the best pasta, but for that price it is reasonably good. 

The mash potatoes were decent too, plain mashed potatoes with gravy, quite a portion for RM3. It reminds me of the mash potatoes from KFC, but better. 

Little Fat Duck (Express Gourmet)
Everyday 10am-10pm, 
LG103, One Utama shopping centre.

Or you could try the food truck at SS15,

Little Fat Duck (Highway Gourmet)
Everyday (except Tuesday) 8pm-12am

Website: www.littlefatduck.com

Sunday, February 1, 2015

First yee sang of the year, Success at Sakae sushi

Chinese new year is about 2 weeks away, but many restaurants have already started selling yee sang.
So, to start off the Chinese new year month, I had my first yee sang at Sakae sushi :)

The 'Success' yee sang, RM29.80

It says that its for 1-2 pax, but honestly I think it's good enough for 4 people too. 
EXCEPT the fact that there is only 3 thin slices of salmon...

It was a good, decent yee sang to start off the month :) 
I really enjoyed the fresh ingredients like cucumbers and the rest.

They have a bigger set too, it's called 'Money' ��

I hope everyone has a month of delicious yee sangs, good food and prosperity! :)
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First of the year!

I can't believed that my last blogpost was in July last year. Uni life has been so hectic that I never got the time to blog...
After so many months, I started to miss blogging. I've always loved blogging ever since I started, but finding time to do it has been hard ever since college, and now uni.

Anyways, gonna try to find time to blog more often now, it is my resolution. (Just resolution. because I don't believe in new year's resolution)
Look out for more blogposts! ;)

PS. It's finals week now. One last paper next week! :D

Coffee is an essential.