Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ours Cafe, Bandar Sri Damansara

Ours Cafe, my usual hang out spot for tea time(:
I've been here with some friends and many many times with Shen, as he loves their cake and ice lemon tea.

The place is comfy, the price is reasonable and their cakes are delicious(:

Red Velvet Cake; RM6 per slice
This is our favourite :)
The cake is so moist, and there's just the right amount of cream. (I don't like cakes with too much cream)
I'm not sure how this compares to red velvet cakes elsewhere though, but I love this.

Rainbow Cake; RM7 per slice
The rainbow cake tastes good but there's nothing special actually.
Tastes like vanilla cake, just that the colours are really pretty? 
But honestly the amount of colouring kinda scares me, so I rather not eat it.
Shen already started eating before I took this photo, hence the shape of the cake. Hahaha
I know kids love it though, my younger cousins loved it so much when I brought them here. 

Carrot Cake; RM6 per slice
This is so delicious(:
Another one of my favourite, though Shen doesn't really like this cake.
I would say it's similar to Secret Recipe's carrot cake, but this is definitely more moist(:

Here's another FULL picture of the rainbow cake,
as the other was already eaten, hahaha

This was when I brought my cousins, the photo isn't clear as they were rushing me so they can have their second round of cake,
You can also see the mess from the first round in the background, haha

PS. These photos were not all taken in one trip, 
I've been to this cafe many many times, haha

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  1. I agree with you on the rainbow cake. I feel the same way about it.