Friday, May 10, 2013

Pasta buffet at Secret of Louisiana, Kelana Jaya

Doesn't this sound tempting? Especially if you love carbs :D

Well, you don't have to search high and low for a restaurant which serves you this,
You can find this at Secret of Louisiana at Plaza Kelana Jaya! :D
PS. It's also located next to a manmade lake at Kelana Jaya, so the set up is pretty nice too(:

I went with my college friends; Huey Ni, Zue Wen, Vin Yee, Ann and Wilson
It was nice to catch up with them(:
We went quite late though, about 1pm++
(The buffet starts at 11.30am till 3pm)
The place was already full when we reached, but the staff was kind enough to open another area for us. They were very friendly too(:

So once the 6 of us were seated, they came to get our orders...

Let's start with the PASTAAAA!

Creamy pesto with white fish (My first plate)
This is my favourite among the 8 choices of pasta :D
(Which explains why its the first photo, haha)
The creamy pesto sauce was goood, 
though I wished they'd serve a larger portion of fish, but it's understandable since it's a PASTA buffet. 

Cajun garlic shrimp (My second plate)
This was fine too, the prawns were considerably fresh,
though the pasta was abit plain for me.
So I halfway through I ended up switching with Wilson for his creamy pesto, haha 

and I stopped there.
Too much pasta for me, got sick of it after the second plate as I was already full...

But here's the other pastas which my friends had(:
Tried abit of each from them too, but none tastes as good as the creamy pesto, haha
or maybe cos I was already sick of pasta...

Pasta vongolle

Beef bolognaise

Chicken with olive

Chicken smoked sausage

Mexican aglio olive

*insert photo of carbonara here*

We forgot to take photo of the carbonara as we were too busy eating :P
Overall the pastas are just average, nothing really special to talk about.
Not exactly a fan of buffets, so this isn't suitable for me as I don't(and I don't want to) eat much, especially since it's mainly carbs.
But it's only RM18 per person actually (RM15.50 + tax)

Though if you have a big appetite, you should definitely give it a try!
Especially for those bulking or having carbs day, the pasta buffet is definitely a good place to visit(:
but unlike other buffets, you can't waste food here.
The ad said that we'd have to pay RM5 for every 100gm wasted, though we didn't waste any food so not sure if they're that strict.
Anyhow, it's not good to waste food! :)

Besides the pasta, the buffet also comes with free flow of ice lemon tea, english hot tea, hot brewed coffee, soup of the day, garlic bread and salad.
also for dessert, you get 1 scoop of the ice-cream of the day.

The soup of the day; Tomato soup
This was fine, but I didn't quite like it. 

Their ice lemon tea.

Ice cream of the day; Chocolate ice cream
The usual chocolate ice cream you get at the supermarket, it was fine but I didn't finish mine as I didn't quite like it. 

*Photo taken from their website

PS. Photos were taken by me, Huey Ni & Vin Yee, which explains the different styles of photopgraphy throughout this post, haha

That's all for this post!

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