Friday, June 28, 2013

Bakery, Genting Highlands

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The last post I blogged bout our dinner at Genting, 
Now I'm gonna share with you our delicious dessert/supper session :D

Among my group of friends, Win Sern goes to Genting often and every time he goes to Genting, he'll definitely eat at Bakery :)

When he told me Bakery, I thought he meant some bakery there, not knowing that he actually meant the place is called 'Bakery'...

After walking around outside and enjoying the cold air, we went in and decided to have some desserts :D

Look at all these pastries! 

And cakes!
 So deliciously tempting, yet so sinful...

Wished I could have everythingggggg!
Every girl's dream is to eat all they want and not be fat right?
I always wished I was one of those girls who could eat as much as she wants and won't ever get fat...
But I'm not.
So, eat in moderation... :) and the best way is to share them with friends :D

Besides pastries and cakes, they have sandwiches too
Something similar to Subway, but theirs definitely looks better...
They even have a choice of tandoori chicken :O
Looks gooooood. (Didn't try it though, maybe next time)

 Lining up to pay and order drinks(:

We ordered 3 pastries to share, our tummies were already filled during dinner so we didn't need so many.
Wished I skipped dinner and came here straight, would have more space for these sinful treats :P
But then, best to not overindulge too...

Apple blueberry danish; RM6.80++
Phui Yee's pick, she loves danish pastry(:
It was definitely a good pick, it was sooo good.
The apple blueberry filling/jam inside was sooo yummy! Must try if you love danish pastry!

Turkey & cheese croissant; RM6.30++ 
If you love croissants, this is gooood, and something different too.
I'm not a big fan of croissants, but I enjoyed this. Not too oily or buttery, just nice.
(I hate it when croissants are too buttery, so this is perfect for me)
Its a delicious croissant filled with turkey ham and cheese on the inside(:
Yummy, yummy :D

Saving the best for last...
Passion chocolate; RM 12.20++
My pick :D 
I didn't know what it was, but it did look interesting and it sounded good too :P
Sern also said he hasn't seen it before, must be a new addition(:
Though it was more expensive, but it was so worth it!
Breaking the outer layer of chocolate, inside was a delicious chocolate mousse...
The chocolate was so rich! LOVED IT! 
With the chocolate mousse, there were also pieces of prune and apricot inside, which complimented the chocolate very well... 
This definitely satisfies my chocolate craving, must try if you love the rich chocolate taste!

Besides pastries, we also got hot drinks(:
 Hot chocolate; RM10.80++
This has got to be the best hot chocolate I have ever seen!
They serve you a cup of hot milk, with chocolate on the side... 
I love how you can add the chocolate by yourself, so you can decide if you want more chocolate or less... 
If you want more chocolate, you can choose to order the 'Double chocolate' instead(:

Vanessa stirring her hot chocolate, while Kwok wing captures the Passion Chocolate :P

Summary of our deliciously sinful dessert/supper session :D

This is a must try if you're in Genting!
Among all the shops in Genting, this has got to be the most unique one, the pastries taste heavenlyyyy...
Usually people (including me, once) would go up to Genting and enjoy Starbucks,
but after trying this, I'm gonna put Starbucks aside... Haha
(Not that I dislike Starbucks, but this more unique and there's a wider variety of pastries and cakes)
Besides, there's so many Starbucks outlet near me, but as I know, there is only one 'Bakery'.
We didn't try the coffee during this visit, so I don't know how that compares to Starbucks...
Perhaps I'll try it during my next visit! :D

Lobby Floor, Genting Grand
Genting Highlands,

Breakfast Menu
7.00am - 10.30am
Day Menu
Monday to Friday & Sunday 12.00 noon - 12.00 midnight
Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday 12.00 noon - 2.00am

That's all for now!

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