Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SS2 Murni, PJ

Been so busy with work and uni application lately, finally have time to blog today! :D

Being a typical Malaysian, I hang out at the mamak stores quite often :P Don't you? ;)
It's a good place to go out with friends,
and the one thing about mamak, you can be noisy! which is suitable for my group of friends as the boys can be loud at times (and girls too, which includes me) :P

BUT, most mamak stores just serve the usual roti canai, tosai, maggi goreng, etc... With drinks like limau ais, teh tarik, milo ais... Bleh. Not that I dont like it, I just get bored of it after some time.
I get bored of the same food easily (which is why I don't usually order food at normal mamaks, besides trying to eat clean)
If you're like me, you'd wanna try something new right?

In my opinion, the BEST mamak which serves the usual mamak food and also a wideeeeeeeeeeee variety of food is, MURNI!
(Will include photos of the menu below)

So once in awhile, me and my friends don't mind travelling further for good food :D
and that happened to be last Friday. Me, Win Sern and Caroline decided to go to Murni, since Caroline has never been there either.
If you're like her, you shouldn't miss out!

Besides the good food at Murni, they have awesome drinks too!
They even have special mixes called 'i love you', 'i miss you' and 'i kiss you', which is awkward to order sometimes. (depending on the waiter)

And since it was Caroline's first time, we insisted that she orders for us :P

Caroline had the normal orange juice, nothing special... While me and Sern ordered Murni's special drinks...
Sern had the mocktail called 'i love you' - a mix of soda, ribena, lemon and lychee. It was good but nothing special to me, not my favourite combination for the mocktails. 
I personally prefer the 'i kiss you' mocktail - apple, ribena, plum and lemon(:
I've tried it before during my last visit with my parents, it was gooood(: My parents enjoyed it too...

But this time, I decided to pick something healthy so I went with the 100% fruit juice, 'Ruby root' - a mix beet root & sour plum. 
If you're not into healthy eating, you will NOT like this. This is actually the second time I ordered it, it's not so bad actually, but there's not much taste to it. 
My parents didn't like it and neither did Sern or Caroline. 
It just tastes like beet root, couldn't taste any hint of sour plum...

As for food, we ordered a few to share(:

Murni's famous Roti Hawaii. Topped with LOADS of mayo and filled with minced meat, sausage, egg and pineapples.
Honestly, I didn't like it. Neither did Carol or Sern. We won't be ordering this again for sure.
I disliked the mayo the most, and the meat wasn't tasty... We didn't even finish this dish.
HOWEVER, some people might like it, like Thanesh (who's in Australia now, and would surely love to have this). He said it was good, so maybe some of you might like it too.

Next is Naan cheese. Now, THIS WAS GOOOOD. I've had naan other places before, and nothing beats the one at Murni...
It came with condensed milk (which Caroline loved), 'dal' and curry...
Personally I didn't like it with condensed milk, I just ate it with 'dal' as I usually do. (PS. I love dal)
But Caroline loved it with condensed milk. Goes to show that we have very different taste, but we can still enjoy good food together :D

and lastly,
(save the best for last)
Tandoori chicken!
I loveeeee this. It was so tasty and delicious, the chicken was just right and it wasn't oily too.
The tandoori chicken came with mint sauce, though the sauce given is quite little, but it was enough for me as both Caroline and Win Sern didn't like mint sauce, so I had it all for myself :D :D :D
If you love tandoori chicken, you must try the one at Murni's!
Usually it takes awhile for the naan and tandoori chicken to come, but it's worth it. And this time round, the food came really quick, their service improved alot!
And maybe because we went at the right timing...

In my experience, the best timing to go to Murni is around 9.30pm/10pm... That's when all the other shops in the area closes, so Murni can open up more tables outside.
You can sit inside too, but it's really stuffy for me, I prefer sitting outside :)
If you go early, you won't have any problems with seating or waiting long for food. But, the later it gets, the bigger the crowd...

Summary of our supper :D

They have other branches too,
but I've only ever been to the SS2 branch...

Here's the menu (taken from their facebook page) to explain what I mean when I say they have a wideeeeee variety of food :D




SS2 Murni
53, Jalan SS 2/75,
Petaling Jaya,
47300 Selangor.
Opening hours:
8.00 AM - 5.00 PM; 6.00PM - 5.00AM
(Closed Mondays)


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