Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ipoh foodhunt; Dai Shu Kiok / Big Tree Foot Roadside Hawker, Pasir Pinji

In a town like Ipoh, 
you must try their street food! Especially the ones at 'Dai Shu Kiok' (Big Tree Foot). 

There is a wide variety of food here, 
but we came for the famous 'dai shu kiok' yong tau foo :D

 Everyone crowding around to order

 Look at all those fried bittergourds, my faveee!


Fried fuchuks, fried tofu...  

Fried fishcakes, fried wantans, fuchuks etc.  

 Fishballs, fishcakes... 
These are only some of the 'zha liu' I managed to snap.
There's so many choices to choose from!
(It was hard to step in and take a photo amongst all the people choosing their yong tau foo)

 Fried fuchuk, sar kok liew (deep-fried yambean fritters), fried bittergourd (fu kua) and stuffed youtiao. 

The sar kok liew (deep-fried yambean fritters) is one of their specialities, yummyyyy!

Lady fingers, chilli and bittergourd in laksa soup.

You can actually order noodles together with your yong tau foo, and there's many types of noodles and soup to choose from.

But we personally preferred it without noodles and just the 'zha liu' with laksa soup, it was soooo good!
One of my faves throughout the Ipoh trip :)
I can drink the laksa soup by itself too, so yummy!
and I really like it that there's still bits of fish meat in the soup too :) 

Never had stuffed youtiao before, this was delicious!

Besides the yong tau foo,
Dai Shu Kiok (Big Tree Foot) is also known to have really good red bean drink!

and it was so good!
The red bean was really thick and rich in flavour even though they added a lot of ice to the drink. 
Tasted similar to the old school red bean potong ice-cream too, yums!

The place is always filled with people.

So, going once wasn't enough...
The next day, we stopped by dai shu kiok (big tree foot) AGAIN before we left Ipoh :D
(This time I had my dslr, hence better quality photos!)

 Their fuchuk is incredibly crispy.
Wonder what their secret behind this? Hmm.

All the yummy goodness.

This time, we ordered dragonfruit juice and the red bean drink instead...
The dragonfruit juice is a huge disappointment though.
It was about RM6 too, definitely not worth the price.

Dai Shu Kiok / Big Tree Foot (大树脚) Roadside Hawker / 忠记兵如港口大树头炸料粉
1427 Jalan Prince
Kampung Pasir Pinji Baru,
31650 Ipoh, Perak
*Closed on Sundays

More and more Ipoh food coming up!

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