Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ipoh foodhunt; Michelangelo’s Pizzeria, Taman Ipoh Timur

Even though pizzas are not exactly Ipoh's speciality,
but according to the locals here, you have to try Michelangelo's Pizzeria!

so we did,
and damnnnn, IT WAS SOOO GOOD!

oh and do take note,
this is not the same Michelangelo's as the ones in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or Penang...

This one in Ipoh is called Michelangelo's Pizzeria,
it differs from the other ones in Malaysia.

The famous Michelangelo's Pizzeria in Ipoh. 

Home of authentic american woodfired pizza :)

The staff's shirt is so cute

 Interesting cartoons on the walls :)

 These blocks of wood are used to bake the pizzas here :)

Chilli flakes & Tabasco; the final touch to a good pizza. 
Chilli flakes is a must have for me, definitely need that extra touch of spicyness.
If you guys don't know, I LOVE spicy food ;)

The menu.

Now let's start with our food...

Our appetizer. 
Jalapeno bacon wrap; RM21.90
Jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese, 
wrapped in bacon and grilled to perfection.
This was sooo good!
Loved the combination, although its quite pricey, but it was worth the try!

So, back to what they're famous for... PIZZAS!

At Michelangelo's,
you can order 2 different flavours combined in one pizza,
this way, you can try more flavours without getting too much of each! :D
It's really simple, you just pick the combination you want, 
then they'll just charge you half priced of each flavour.

Our first pizza...
Bacon & eggs  +  Blue cheese
 Bacon & eggs (1/2 pizza for RM18.25; Blue cheese (1/2 pizza for RM17.20)
I really liked bacon and eggs, a combination of sunny side up eggs, smoked streaky bacon, cheddar cheese topped with salt and pepper. So simple yet tastes so good!
The other flavour, blue cheese is also another good choice. If you love blue cheese, this is the pizza for you! I like how the taste of the blue cheese wasn't too overpowering. It was just nice to my liking too :)


One pizza wasn't enough...
So we ordered another ;)

 Hog extreme  +  Flamed grilled 
Hog extreme (1/2 pizza for RM23.45); Flamed grilled (1/2 pizza for RM19.60)
If you love pork, you'll definitely love hog extreme! 
It's the ULTIMATE pork pizza! A wonderful combination of pork sausages, smoked streaky bacon, Virginia ham and fire grilled thick cut 1/2 inched bacon. How can you not love thisss?  
The other flavour, flamed grilled was good too.
A combination of fire grilled thick cut 1/2 inched bacon and roasted garlic, the taste was quite mild for me. If you love garlic, this will suit your taste :)

A close up of hog extreme.
Notice all the pork sausages, bacon and Virginia ham. 
They are very generous with their toppings for sure. 

This was one satisfying yet sinful meal.

This is by far the best pizza I've ever had so far. 
They are very generous with their toppings, especially their cheese!
The crust wasn't thick too, it was thin and crunchy, definitely didn't skip the crust this time :D

Michelangelo's Pizzeria
Tel:  05-549-9099
​No. 40, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1B,
Medan Ipoh Bistari,
31400 Ipoh, Perak
Opening ​Hours:​
6:-00pm-10:00pm Tue-Thur & Sun
6:00pm-10:30pm Fri & Sat
*Closed on Mondays​

Close ups of their menu (Click to enlarge)

That's all for now!

More food from my Ipoh foodhunt coming up! :D 


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