Tuesday, July 28, 2015

KFIT; Pros & Cons

These are my thoughts on the pros and cons of the KFIT membership.

This post is not sponsored. This is based on my own initiative to share something I really enjoy. These are my honest opinions. 


  1. Really cheap for the first month! It's RM49 for the first month, but with my promo code it's only RM39 for the first month!  
    • [i] Download the KFit Asia app on your phone (iOS/Android)
    • [ii] Select the 'All Access' account 
    • [iii] Click on "Got a promo code?" and key in 'JOWYNNA' for a discount ;)
    • [iv] You're done! Now you can book a class for the next day and start your kfit activities! :) 
  2. Value for money, RM99 per month for all the various activities and gym access is so worth it! It's an affordable price too, especially for students like me. (Most gym memberships are much more expensive)
  3. You can try various activities and visit many gyms. Variety is the spice of life ;)
  4. The activities are for various levels of fitness and/or skills, indicated by 'easy', 'medium', 'hard' or 'multilevel'.
  5. You do not have to commit to a certain activity/gym/centre/studio. No commitment!
  6. You don't even have to commit to KFIT. You can choose to cancel anytime. Just email them a week before the end of your billing cycle :)
  7. You can even pause your membership! You can pause for up to 3 months by sending them an email a week before the end of the billing cycle :)
  8. KFIT has 339 partners in KL!
  9. It's really worth it if you go for adventure parks such as District 21, as it's RM58 per entry and trampoline parks such as Jumpstreet which is RM22/RM27 per entry. Even Jazzercise is RM30 per entry. 
  10. You can experiment with different activities. You'll get to try classes such as muay thai, kickboxing, belly dancing etc. If you don't like it, you can always try a different studio or try a different activity instead. 
  11. There's so many random activities associated with KFIT like golf, ice skating, paintball, archery etc. 
  12. You can meet new people through KFIT as there will be other KFIT members attending the same class.


  1. No last minute plans! You can't reserve or cancel the activity on the day itself. All reservations/cancellations must be made the day before. (Reservation closes daily at midnight.) *Late cancellations or no shows will result in loss of class credit for that studio and you will be penalized a RM20 late cancellation fee.
  2. You can't book a class for someone else. But parents can book kid classes for their child. 
  3. It is only available in KL. 
  4. There's a limited to each centre/studio.
  5. Your account links to your debit card/credit card. 


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