Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My KFIT experience; the first month

Lately all my blogposts are bout food reviews,
but today I decided that I would like to share something about fitness.
It's the end of my first month with my KFIT membership, and I've really enjoyed it throughout the whole of July,
so I decided to share my experience.
PS. I decided to share this because I couldn't find anyone who blogged about KFIT when I was trying to find out more about it.
Hence I thought it would be good for me to share my experience :)

[1] This post is not sponsored. This is based on my own initiative to share something I really enjoy. These are my honest opinions.
[2] I never planned on blogging about this either, hence I didn't take proper photos to share on my blog.
The photos taken are simply just to show my friends.
[3] I am not a professional. I am merely a university student trying to get back on track towards my fitness goals.

Exercising can be free, right?
You can jog at the park or around your housing area, or you could do home workouts.
But after awhile, you'll definitely get bored of it eventually. (I did.)

As for gyms, going to the same gym day after day, with no variation in equipments; that could get boring too.
(After 4 years+ at the same clubhouse gym and 2 years+ at my uni gym, I got bored)

Furthermore, so many commercial gym membership requires a contract. (This is why I haven't signed up for any)
But there's always the walk-in gyms, I really enjoy that, but paying for walk-in gyms several times can sum up to a large amount too. In fact, not many gyms allows walk-ins either.

And then there's fitness classes, martial art classes, dance classes, or other leisure activities which usually require you to sign up and pay monthly fees.
However, it's not easy to commit to only one type of activity. And there's so many I would like to try out!

I actually enjoy various type of workouts, I have days that I would like to go for a fitness workout class with a trainer, or some days I want to go for martial arts class such as muay thai or kickboxing, and then there are days I'd like to go for something for upbeat like a dance class.

This is where KFIT comes in.
I've heard about KFIT, and I'm sure anyone that's on Facebook would have probably seen the ad on Facebook.
Yes, KFIT is a fitness membership. That'll all I knew about it. 

But it wasn't until a good friend asked me about it that triggered me to find out about it.
After reading the FAQs on their site, I emailed KFIT to enquire more.
The person that attended to me was Bryant, he was very helpful.
In fact, he shared his promo code, so me and my friend signed up a few days after.

After signing up I was eager to book my next workout.
Upon seeing the schedule list, I was overwhelmed by the various classes, facilities and gyms to choose from.
Even adventure parks such as District 21 and the trampoline park, Jumpstreet is included in KFIT.

In a span on one month, I've tried various activities and been to different gyms with my KFIT membership.

1. CHI Fitness, PJ Trade Centre - Gym access
2. CHI Fitness, Scott Garden - Gym access
3. District 21 - Adventure park access
4. Knockout FC - Muay Thai beginner's class
5. Sri Damansara Club Driving Range - Golf 
6. Jumpstreet Trampoline Park - Jump core class
7. Jazzercise - Dance Mixx class
8. Curves - Gym access
9. Bodytone Wellness Studio - Power core class
10. Jazzercise - Interval Dance Mixx class

*I wanted to try more, but July was a really busy month for me. 


1. CHI Fitness, PJ Trade Centre

I chose CHI Fitness as my first activity in KFIT because its quite well known among people in Damansara, and I've heard good reviews about it from my best friend.
Going to the gym is not something new to me, but the change in environment was really good!
I loved it at CHI Fitness. They have really helpful and friendly staffs, like reallyyy helpful.
Why do I say so? Well, I got LOST.
I thought it was in the Empire Damansara building, I double checked with a guy I met at the carpark and also a security guard, both telling me that CHI Fitness is in that building. 
But they were wrong, they lead me to Anytime Fitness. 
So after that I had to call CHI Fitness for directions, and a guy there guided me. 
Turns out, CHI Fitness is in Menara Mustapha. (a completely different building, about 5 minutes walk away) 

The access card.

They even have a pool on the top floor. 

Don't make the same mistake as me, do take note that it's in MENARA MUSTAPHA.

2. CHI Fitness, Scott Garden

It's slightly different, the layout is different from the one in PJ Trade Centre, hence it looks smaller too.
But the one thing which stands out from the PJ branch is that there's a boxing ring here.

It's meant for the Muay Thai classes. 

3. District 21

I had so much fun at District 21.
There are a total of 10 attractions, but the 'roller glider' is no longer available and the 'low ropes' are for kids.
I managed to try 6 out of the 8 attractions available;

I. Tubby ride - loved this, I went twice because I loved the adrenaline rush
II. Free fall - pushed myself to overcome my fear of heights, I went twice too. I did a forward free fall and a backwards one.
III. Sky trail - it was really challenging. Definitely requires a lot of upper body strength.
IV. Go pedal - more like a kid's version of go kart where you cycle
V. Power station - only tried the vertical slide and a failed attempt for rock climbing
VI. Maze - it was mediocre, not worth your time if you don't have much time to spend.

Check out the other attractions and find out more on their site

The entrance fee is actually RM58 if you enter without KFIT.
There's up to 3 visits per month with KFIT. You'll be given a special pair of gloves and a pair of socks to be worn for the activities, hence you do not need to pay extra for the gloves and socks (unlike Jumpstreet)

4. Knockout FC, Muay Thai Class; Taman Tun (TTDI)

I didn't take any photos of the centre, but I took some photos of their schedule and rates as reference.

5. Sri Damansara Club Driving Range - Golf 
They provided 100 balls for free, which lasted me and a friend for a good one hour. 

6. Jumpstreet Trampoline Park - Jump core class
Fun core workout! I really do enjoy Jumpstreet. 
Would be better if KFIT allows more than one visit to Jumpstreet. 

7. Jazzercise - Dance Mixx class
Jazzercise is a fun one hour cardio workout to a great choice of songs, you'll be sweating so much at the end of the workout. It incorporates weight in some parts of the workout too. I really like the instructors too, they are very energetic, enthusiastic and never fail to keep you motivated. 
*Jazzercise offers walk-ins too, so you can either pay RM30 for walk-in after your KFIT limit or go to a different Jazzercise centre.

8. Curves - Gym access
This gym is for ladies ONLY.
The workout was relatively easy for me, I much prefer lifting with weights compared to their machines. But I would still go for their gym for a light strength workout.

The workout routine consists of alternating cardio and strength-training in 30 seconds intervals, much like circuit training. The whole workout routine takes only 30 minutes.
But instead of using weights for the machines, Curves gym uses hydraulic resistance machines. Each machine focuses on two major muscle groups at a time, as an example, one of the machines works both the biceps and triceps alternately.
The staffs/coaches were very helpful and they will guide you throughout the whole session, pushing you to do better and faster.

9. Bodytone Wellness Studio - Power core class
This is a studio which focuses on Whole Body Vibration (WBV) training. 
Hence, the core workouts were done with the vibration training. The workout took only 45 minutes. 
It's something new for me, the vibration training was kinda weird initially but I got used to it after 15 minutes. 
The trainer was very friendly, he explained briefly about vibration training when I asked. 
Apparently the vibration training has many benefits. To find out more, check out their site.

10. Jazzercise - Interval Dance Mixx class
*Similar to dance mixx. 

That's all for my KFIT experience in July!

If you guys are interested to join KFIT, here's my promo code to get a discount! 
Your first month will only RM39!

  • [i] Download the KFit Asia app on your phone (iOS/Android)
  • [ii] Select the 'All Access' account 
  • [iii] Click on "Got a promo code?" and key in 'JOWYNNA' for a discount ;)
  • [iv] You're done! Now you can book a class for the next day and start your kfit activities! :) 

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  1. OMG! Thank you so much. I'm trying to convince myself to choose KFit. With your review, I'm sure I have finally made up my mind :D

    1. You're welcome! Feel free to use my promo code for RM80 off for your first month.
      I was lucky enough that someone shared theirs with me, so I'm glad if I can do the same for you too :)

      Have fun! :D

  2. Thanks for the review, Jowynna. We're super glad you had a great experience with KFit and we look forward to serving you better and better in the future!

  3. Thanks Jowynna for sharing this experience. This convince me to join. Hehe. But I want to know any T&C that I should take note?

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad to share, its something I really enjoy and maybe you'll love it too :)
      Oh and everything you need to know is explained here,
      Feel free to comment here if you want me to share some places I enjoy going :)