Saturday, July 18, 2015

Yellow Brick Road, Batai Village Damansara Heights

Built by dreamers for dreamers. 

Me and a friend decided to check out Yellow Brick Road on a Sunday morning,
It was about 11am and there was already a waiting list.
We gave our name and waited with the rest of the crowd on a hot Sunday morning.

After waiting about 20 minutes, we got a seat inside the cafe.


Upon waiting we asked for the menu, so we had plenty of time to decide what to eat.
There were many good choices to choose from.

Cascara tea; RM9, Ice Mocha; RM14
I saw Cascara tea on the menu, so I decided to try something different that morning instead of the usual cup of latte. It's a coffee cherry tea made from the dried berries of a coffee plant. It's definitely something different, and very unique. 
But unfortunately it's not my cup of tea. (literally)
No regrets though, at least I've tried it. It's definitely worth trying if you're feeling adventurous. 

Eggs Norwegian; RM23 
Poached eggs on potato rosti, served with smoked salmon, avocado slices and passionfruit hollandaise sauce.

You can get eggs benedict anywhere, but how often do they serve it with potato rosti?
Paired with the smoked salmon, this is one of the best combinations I've ever had.
The passionfruit hollandaise sauce was something special too. I'll definitely go back again for this!

It was just too good!

Gardener's Brekkie; RM22
Poached eggs, sliced avocados, tomato vines, sweet potato balls and creamy mushrooms on rye bread.
You can never go wrong with mushrooms and poached eggs, and the sweet potato balls was a sweet touch. The sliced avocados needs some salt though.

I loved this cute radio, it was actually playing music for the cafe.

They even have a play area for kids.

It was a really good meal at Yellow Brick Road, definitely worth the wait :)

Yellow Brick Road
8-7 Jalan Batai
Bukit Damansara
Kuala Lumpur
03 2035 5922


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